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Switching There

About "Switching There" :
Collect the keys and switch from place to place to avoid obstacles and reach the goal.

Attention!! The game is very hard for some kind of people so please do a simple trick to skip some (or all) levels! You can find the details below!

(If the game is too hard for you but you still want to see the endscreen, then type one of these two words in the level-selector, to skip some (or all) levels: "skiplvltwo" or "skipall"! If you misstyped then go back to the main menu and try again.)

Known bugs:
1. You might not be able to click on a level to play it. In this case, use F1/F2/F3 to start a level.
2. In really rare occasions, the shadow enemies can stuck on the same place and dont move. In this case, just go back to the main menu and then start the level again (im sorry if you lost progress bc of this bug).
3. When you die, then you will turn invisible on the other planet until you press any key.
4. "Quit game" button is not working... it's all because i didn't plan this game to be played on browser, but then i forget to take out this button.

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